Fall Sprinkler System Winterization

Fall Winterization of your sprinkler system is a very important aspect of owning an automatic underground irrigation system. Blowing out your system improperly will cause damage. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you, and have SSI Sprinkler Systems winterize your system.

Why Winterize Your Sprinkler System?

Because we live in Kansas, that’s why! With winter temperatures well below freezing for sustained periods of time, any water left in your system lines can freeze, expand, and crack the plumbing. Repairing a sprinkler system that has frozen over and caused numerous leaks can be a very expensive problem to fix.

To avoid this disaster, call SSI Sprinkler Systems at (316) 722-9631 or use the form below to schedule a sprinkler system blow-out.

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Wichita Sprinkler System Winterization
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