Sprinkler System Water Audit

What is a Sprinkler System Water Audit?

An audit of your irrigation system’s water usage is useful to prevent misuse of water resources. SSI Sprinkler Systems places water guages throughout the property to test for overall water coverage. This tells us how effective the current heads are and if there are any inefficiencies in the system.

After the results are compiled, the sprinkler system is adjusted for proper water management.

Why Should You Get a Sprinkler System Water Audit?

A sprinkler system water audit is something you should do once a year. Your system endures a varied Kansas climate and has many moving parts. We don’t recommend you “set it and forget it” – this will lead to a rapid decline of the irrigation system’s performance. Maintain your investment wisely.

Improved efficiency provides the following:

  • A reduction in water use and consequently financial savings
  • A more consistent distribution-fewer wet and dry spots
  • A smaller amount of water wasted below the root zone
  • Less of a need for fertilizers and chemicals
  • Less runoff

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