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Address: SSI Sprinkler Systems | 7330 W. 13th | Wichita, KS 67212
Phone: (316) 722-9631
Fax: (316) 722-9797

Residential & Commercial Irrigation Services

Wichita Sprinkler Service


SSI carries all the necessary product parts to ensure your system is fixed with one call. We service all systems, regardless of who installed it.

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Wichita Sprinkler Upgrades


Upgrading your sprinkler system can increase its water efficiency, provide better yard irrigation, and save you money on your water bill.

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Wichita Sprinkler Spring Startup

Spring Startup

SSI Sprinkler Systems will start up your system at the beginning of the season, ensuring a full spring, summer and fall of proper watering.

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Wichita Sprinkler Summer Checkup

Summer Checkup

SSI will make sure every part of your system is working properly, adjusting if necessary, and guaranteeing you an efficient irrigation system.

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Wichita Sprinkler Winterization


Fall Winterization of your system will keep your underground automatic irrigation system safe from Kansas freezes. Get scheduled early!

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Wichita DIY Sprinkler Installation

DIY Classes

Once you attend a DIY sprinkler system seminar, we will be happy to help supply all the parts needed for your new system.

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Commercial Services

Wichita Golf Course Sprinkler Systems

Golf Course Systems

SSI Sprinkler Systems will provide your golf course with the greenest greens and lushest fairways. We service Wichita and surrounding areas.

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Wichita Rust Removal

Rust Removal

The hard water in Wichita leaves unsightly and damaging rust stains on buildings and surfaces. Let SSI remove the rust stains.

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